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"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival"

W. Edwards Deming "Wisdom and Ignorance"

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IT Cortex consulting services rest on the theoretical foundation of strategic simplification which applies to businesses of all size, in all economic sectors and at whatever stage of their lifecycle. However there are privileged moments in the life of an organization when a strategic simplification engagement can or should ideally take place. A significant business mutation induces the necessary motivation to streamline the business processes and knit IT and organization tighter together. Examples of such business mutations are:

bulletimplementation of an integrated IT package
bulletmerger and acquisition

Since simplification usually goes against the ingrained tendency in organizations (see complexity drivers) an external event can become the necessary catalyst of that preventive approach. The three business mutations listed above lead respectively to the following types of consulting engagements provided by IT Cortex :

bulletBusiness Pre-automation : preparing a organization for the implementation of an integrated package.
bulletPareto Merge : merging two companies while keeping the overall complexity down and achieving Pareto efficiency for the combined organization.
bulletPareto-sizing : selectively downsizing to increase the overall Pareto efficiency

More often than not IT Cortex is called upon when a strategic IT project gets bogged down. Even though we are delighted to assist you under those circumstances it is always preferable to act preventively rather than curatively. Our IT project recovery services are an important part of our consulting activities but our unmitigated recommendation is to favor prevention. 

A questionnaire is provided to highlight the relevance that strategic simplification has on the commercial or public organization that you run.

Should you be interested in implementing our approach a "standard" stepwise process is highlighted together with the key tasks to be performed. However, self-starters should be aware of the critical success factors and should have read the frequently asked questions over "self-implementation".

We would of course feel honored if you contacted us to discuss those matters.

IT Cortex

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